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Wywiad z Dorotą Hryniewiecką-Firlej, prezes zarządu Pfizer Polska,

magazyn "POLISH MARKET" 7/8 2017



PM: The Forum is organised in partnership with more than 100 businesses, which include major players in their respective lines of business. You represent one of such businesses as President of the Management Board of Pfizer Polska, and also as President of the Employers' Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Companies, INFARMA. So, what should I ask you as the leading representative of this important, if not the most important, industry for all of us?

DHF: Preferably about some inside knowledge which is not publicly known.


PM: So, how would you describe Pfizer, as the largest global pharmaceutical company?


DHF: We focus on innovation and continuous development to provide patients with the best possible quality of life and health. Not a minute goes by at Pfizer without some progress or success. An endless number of molecular chemical combinations are constantly being explored in search of the molecules whose combinations help to restore full physical, mental and social well-being, or, in other words, health. However, this process of innovation is becoming more and more costly, involving an increased business risk. The molecules need to be carefully examined in terms of their therapeutic safety and treatment effectiveness. There are four Centres of Therapeutic Innovation in the USA which do this. It would be great if such an institution was also established in Poland. Then, we could use our know-how and laboratories to tap into the experience of the people working in American centres. We are looking for start-ups, also here in Poland, to work on some projects together. For young scientists, cooperation with a company is sometimes the only way to have new drugs launched. Pfizer spends USD 7 billion a year on finding new molecules. As a result of these massive expenditures, the Company stands for innovation in the pharmaceutical industry.


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